May 19th 2022

About us

Computer Science & Business Systems is the first stream in engineering designed to meet the future demands of the rapidly changing tech industry in the era of Business 4.0. Designed by Tata Consultancy services in an MoU with educational institutions, CSBS is the degree program of the future. The curriculum aims to ensure that the students graduating from the program not only skill up in computer science but also develop an equal appreciation of humanities and management sciences.

Armed with business acumen and field skills, CSBS undergrads are nothing short of a Swiss Army Knife wherever they go. CSBS is the maiden product of the revolutionised education system. No other degree program in India trains future professionals to gracefully align business goals with technology.

And that's not the end, CSBS undergrads will be equipped create opportunity too. On graduating, CSBS grads gain expertise that extends to entrepreneurship as well, making them the most individualistic innovators of tomorrow.

What's happening at Zorphix?

Technical Events


CrossCoders is a zappy solo event where plain old coding is not the only task. Participants are expected to analyze code snippets and convert them into a language of their choice.

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Make us reimagine the future of tech. Thesis-Precized is your platform to present your papers to a distinguished panel of judges. Emerge victorious, and you take home the title of Best Paper!

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Plugs Out!

Blinded by the screen from coding all day? Flaunt your programming prowess as you code up solutions to algorithmic challenges at this sprightly event.

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Non-Technical Events


Battlegrounds Mobile India Players, this one’s for you! Players compete in duos in the race to the safezone in Rampage. Strategize and conquer to take the home tourney title!

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Movie Buff? Time to unleash your cinematic acumen! Pixellence is a game for all movie enthusiasts to indulge in.

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Tribute to Vijay TV’s famous Start Music, Euphony takes music games a notch higher. Participants contest in 3 rounds of guessing games involving songs and music. Join us for a musical day at Euphony!

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Fast 'n Frolic

Ever wanted to participate in a live game show? Here’s your chance! Participants play a series of physical games to advance through rounds. Get your dose of fun at Fast ‘n Frolic!

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Business Events


Calling all early stage startups for this one! Pitch your startup to our distinguished panel to secure your chance to get incubated.

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Pitchcraft is a hackathon-styled business case competition. Participants will be given a theme before the event with which they must identify problem areas and develop solutions.

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2 Facts 1 Lie

66% of all statistics are made up. And we just made this up too. ;) 2 Facts 1 Lie is a fun event based on the popular party game 2 Truths 1 Lie, albeit with a business touch to it!

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